Prices for consultation and treatment

First Time Appointment – £85


  • 90-minute consultation (medical history assessment) prior to the treatment.
  • The colonic irrigation treatment.
  • Aftercare.

Please allow up to two hours for these appointments.

Follow-Up Appointments – £80


  • Brief discussion regarding how you have been since the previous appointment.
  • The colonic irrigation treatment.
  • Aftercare.

You can also play an additional fee to either have the treatment with a parasite cleanse (£5.00 extra),  a coffee enema (£10.00 extra) or a probiotic implant (£15.00 extra).

Please allow up to 1 hour and 30 mins for these appointments.

Consultation Only – £45

  • Perfect for those who are thinking about the treatment, or simply want to know more about the process and its health benefits.

You can pay for your 90-minute appointment on-line below but this is refunded if I’m not able to treat you for medical reasons.


There is no set number of colonics you can have – treatments are tailored to each individual’s specific needs. If you feel that after the initial consultation you might want to take out one of our bespoke packages, then please email me so we can discuss this further.

  1. 2 treatments for £140 – to be used within four months.
  2. 3 treatments for £195 – to be used within six months.

Pre-Consultation Health Questionnaire

You can download and complete our health questionnaire PDF prior to booking a consultation below.

Health Questionaire


Please use our form below to book your appointment.